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Coconut The Wonder Fruit

Coconut is one such fruit that has multiple health benefits. It is known as a wonder fruit because every part of it proves to be useful. Various ingredients are extracted from a coconut which is quite beneficial and one such ingredient is coconut oil. Commonly used in many regions worldwide coconut oil has some really amazing health benefits. This simple and easily available natural oil also forms a part of staple diet of many people. Often when it comes oil usually people think that it must be fattening and increase cholesterol. But not when it is coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to have saturated fats. But when consumed this oil increases the energy levels in your body making you spend more of your energy. It thus helps keep cholesterol at bay and helps you reduce weight. Coconut oil can be used as skin treatment or to treat any physical ailment. Benefits of Coconut Oil are never ending.

When applied externally on skin it enriches and nourishes skin. When applied on hair it makes hair strong and lustrous.Coconut oil is effective in reducing hair fall. It also helps in repairing hair that is damaged due to extreme weather or chemicals. It gives new life to your hair. When consumed orally the oil improves your health tremendously. Coconut oil helps in regulating metabolism activities and also improves digestion. It also addresses various kidney problems. Coconut oil is also beneficial for people who want to maintain their blood pressure levels. In fact coconut oil can be used in cooking on a regular basis. There are a number of Coconut Oil Recipes that one can prepare which are easy and have a higher rate of nutritional value. People suffering from heart diseases can consume such food prepared with coconut oil.

The lauric acid present in coconut oil which helps in preventing a number of heart diseases. The oil is also known to have a calming effect on the body. The smell of the oil soothes the senses and helps in reducing stress. The oil also helps to strengthen ones bones. A regular body and head massage with coconut oil is essential for people suffering from high levels or anxiety and stress. Coconut oil is also a natural ailment due to its anti bacterial and anti microbial qualities. Make sure that you make coconut oil a part of your life to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.